Kris Moturi, PMP, ITIL

Email: kris.moturi@thevisionarycio.com
Phone: 904 612 1009
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/krismoturi
Website: https://thevisionarycio.com
Twitter: @KrisMoturi


Senior Executive with broad experience in all SAP areas with a proven track record on execution and delivering transformational results.

Corporate strategist and Transformational leader

Kris is a corporate strategy and process transformation leader with 20+ years of experience across multiple industries and functional lines of business. He is effective at leading teams, developing successful strategies, implementing strategic initiatives and delivering results.
Kris has led direct reports (up to 15 people) and client teams (up to 210  people) and is able to motivate and influence decisions at all levels of the organization. He has directly reported to C-Level Executives. He is an experienced business strategist, having developed operational strategies for a variety of organizations from mid to large Fortune 500 companies using technology as the enabler.

Kris’s Core Skills
Transformational Leader (RATING 5/5)

Key strength in the ability to drive technical and cultural change within an organization. Proven track record of contributing to organizational growth by conceiving creative and effective solutions, building consensus among stakeholders, and executing on time and within budget. Managed several ERP Projects (On-Premise and SaaS). Used Blue Ocean techniques for simplifying and standardizing processes. Well versed at SAP Hana and SuccessFactors technology. Created Strategy and Planning for several Rollouts. Have modernized HR Processes at several fortune 500 companies.

Project Management (RATING 5/5)

8+ years of Project management in SAP. PMP certified and author of many blogs on linkedin. Regularly consulted over SAP Project management topics and have given several presentations. Regularly used Risk Management, Decisions and EVM in projects to manage large projects.

Change Management (RATING 4/5)

Aligned corporate resources to successful execution of projects. Motivated and provided tools for successful adoption of latest technologies. Converted resistance enthusiasm fro changes. Used ADKAR and Kotter’s 8 step change management methodology. Deployed Collaboration Platform to enable Social Learning.

Cloud, Big Data and Mobile Technology (RATING 3/5)

Managed several cloud implementations including SuccessFactors and ADP. Working knowledge of HANA and SAP SUP. Working knowledge of Hana Cloud Infrastructure (HCI). Quick learner and adopter of Technology (build this website in 24 hours by self-teaching).

Procurement / Vendor Management (RATING 5/5)

Created Process for Vendor selection and removed risk of selecting the wrong vendor for the project. Skilled at writing SOW and getting necessary Purchasing approvals. Analyzed Vendor Strengths and Weaknesses and took timely corrective action. Able to motivate Vendors successfully to deliver more than full value to client.

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Kris’s Knowledge Areas
Kris’s Values and Potential Assessments

Hogan assessments are a collection of psychometric online questionnaires for the identification of personality traits and characteristics of intellectual performance, which can be used to predict success in person-related decision-making, which were developed on the basis of psychological research and distributed by Hogan Assessment Systems, USA.

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(Full report available on request)